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Dubai Medical Equipment is set to provide an easy, fast and convenient delivery. Plan and mange shipments faster and easier on any and every product in our store.



When you use Dubai Medical Equipment products, you can be confident that you have made the best choice for the health and wellness. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.



What our Clients say

"I am long time user of material provided by Dubai Medical Equipment(Eg. G Aenial Composite & FKG endo Instrument) and I am satisfied and happy to use them in the last 3 years. Their dental materials is one of the best class in the world product. Their product seller are highly trained and quick to respond to our needs, helpful to give good and faithful advice about their materials. Thank You and regards to all..."

Dr. Natik Kamal Khalil

General dentist
Belhoul Speciality Hospital

"In our daily practice, we need the things to be going smoothly and fastly so we have to search a people who can do these things. Dubai Medical Equipment is one of the example, I’m happy to buy from them because their response is very fast and they are the dealer of materials and equipment with a very excellent brand. Their staffs are highly trained and professional."

Dr. Saif

Gardenia Dental Clinic

"I am a permanent customer of Dubai Medical Supply Company for many years because they have good quality materials and equipments with the latest technology. In 2 years time, I joint SGS Implant Systems and I like its easy application with high successful rate and minimum trauma to the patients as well as the prosthetic phase is easy for both the clinician and the dental technician and with a reasonable price. "

Dr. Bahaa Dhia Burhan

Oral Implantologist
Dr. Baha Specialized Dental Implantology Center in Dubai