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GC EUROPE is known for its competence in the production of phosphate-bonded investments for crowns and bridges. With Fujivest Platinum GC EUROPE has set another milestone in the casting of precious, semi-precious and palladium based alloys in the crown and bridge technique. The impressive features of this carbon-free precision investment include comfortable working properties and perfect expansion control – for both quick heating & step heating procedures. When you are looking for highest precision with non-precious metal alloys, Fujivest Premium meets all the expectations of a modern multipurpose investment material. Whether heated up quickly or conventionally, with or without a casting ring, this carbon-free and phosphate-bound C&B material has a broad range of indications and yet produces consistently precise casting results. Furthermore we offer the renowned Fujivest Super, for precision castings of precious, semi-precious and Pd-base alloys, with special attention to complicated implant castings, Fujivest II for precision crown and bridge castings of all dental alloys, including Ni-Cr and Co-Cr and finally Stellavest, specially developed to fulfil the all day-by-day requirements of a casting investment and the suitability for use with non-precious dental alloys.